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The iris Network is at the leading edge of advances in cardiovascular surgery and medicine. These have evolved considerably in recent decades and are now moving in the direction of less invasive techniques, making it possible to treat very vulnerable patients.

According to the WHO, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. The iris Network has therefore developed a response that addresses all aspects of care and treatment, including surgery. Although effective preventive treatment with medication is possible, the latest surgical techniques are still required in a number of cases.

Our Network now treats some incurable and potentially fatal heart rate disorders by defibrillator implant, making it possible to resuscitate patients who were once unlikely to survive.

Sudden blockage of an artery generally leads to cardiac muscle death. The IRIS Network has put in place techniques for prompt revascularisation, which reduces considerably the harmful effects of occlusions on patient well-being.

The Network has developed cardiopulmonary assistance techniques, that keep patients with reversible cardiac and/or pulmonary failure alive long enough for their vital functions to be re-established.

We also offer our expertise in valve repair techniques, which significantly increase the life expectancy of patients. When replacement of a defective valve becomes inevitable, the cardiac catheterization techniques, that are being developed, reduce considerably the risks, associated with the procedure for medically fragile patients.

Aneurysms, which in the past were only accessible by means of conventional surgical techniques, can now be treated by endovascular means and by the insertion of potentially promising prostheses. We are able to offer all the expertise required for these leading edge techniques.

One of the world’s leading centres for congenital cardiopathy

The IRIS Network is among the few competent institutions for the treatment of patients with cardiac malformations. Its results are among the best in this field. The surgical and endovascular procedures, carried out in hybrid operating theatres, often mean that less invasive treatments are possible.

Cardiovascular emergencies

A particular feature of the IRIS Hospital Network is that it is able to provide rapid and continuous treatment for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. Such treatment requires dedicated stroke units.

Our stroke units combine emergency care outside the hospital environment with the latest diagnostic technology (coronarography, coro CT, cerebral CT and MRI) and interventional and pharmacological treatments (mini-invasive radial coronary angioplasty and vascular and valvular, cerebrovascular, thrombolytic and antithrombotic therapies).


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