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Brugmann University Hospital

Website : www.chu-brugmann.be

Its three additional sites and 854 beds make the Brugmann University Hospital one of the largest such centres in Brussels. Its winning assets? An ideal size to deploy its activities and the best possible service, a strong social personality and a resolutely academic character – not to mention the state-of-the-art technical environment and constant architectural improvements. The Brugmann University Hospital is moreover one of the rare hospitals with a pavilion-based structure in Europe.


Designed by Horta, this hospital site is externally distinguished by its pavilion-based architecture and its 18-hectare park that seems like a wooded garden. The hospital has cultivated the art of innovation ever since it was inaugurated in 1923.  It has played host to several medical breakthroughs, including the first heart transplant in Belgium - a tradition that continues in advanced research and innovative services such as the withdrawal methodology for addicts under total anaesthesia, non-surgical ophthalmology laser techniques, specific education for diabetics, or the continuing and palliative care mobile unit.

Victor Horta Site - Place Van Gehuchten 4 - 1020 Bruxelles 

Telephone : 02 477 21 11
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Paul Brien site

This hospital site has set itself the task of providing and developing as broad a specialised local public medical care as possible in the North and North-East Sector of Brussels, where it is the only public hospital. It relies on the Horta site (to which it is linked by regular shuttle service) for the treatment of certain specific pathological conditions. A complete hospital of 126 authorised beds, divided into general surgery, internal medicine, geriatrics, intensive care and emergency units, it plays host to the sixth Mobile Emergency and Reanimation Service Unit (known by the French acronym SMUR) in the Brussels-capital region, a dialysis centre, a polyclinic, an operation room, a surgical outpatient clinic (to complete the medical/oncological outpatient hospital) and a central sterilisation service.

Paul Brien Site - Rue du Foyer Schaerbeekois 36 - 1030 Schaerbeek 

Telephone : 02 477 21 11

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queen Astrid site

Based at the Neder-over-Hembeek military hospital, this hospital site is devoted entirely to rehabilitation. Already very present on the Victor Horta Site, either in partnership with the Traumatology and Rehabilitation Centre, or in the hospital itself in Neurological Rehabilitation, it provides optimal conditions for rehabilitation to develop and diversify - a specialisation energised by the Academic Rehabilitation Institute, managed in partnership by and between the Brugmann Academic Medical Centre and the CTR.

Queen Astrid Site - Rue Bruyn 1 - 1120 Bruxelles 

Telephone : 02 477 21 11

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