Our Hospitals



Our ambitions

The iris network was established and deployed thanks to extensive collective work that mobilised doctors, nurses, managers, representatives of various hospital functions and elected officials. Such work cannot be carried out effectively without sharing a series of ambitions for the network.

In terms of common priorities, iris intends to be:

  • A hospital network accessible to all, close to patients even if they come from far away. 
  • An innovative hospital network, with reference activities of national and international status and local activities in a wide range, staggering patient care in a dynamic manner. 
  • A hospital network that develops multiple synergies within its ranks and with other partners to improve the prevention of certain pathologies, the quality of care provided and the convalescence of the patient.
  • A network that assumes broad academic missions for clinical teaching and research and a policy for the development of techniques, skills and knowledge. 
  • A hospital network that defines and cooperates in common priorities for the benefit of each of its constituents.


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