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 The LHUB-ULB, is the Laboratoire Hospitalier Universitaire de Bruxelles (Brussels Academic Hospital Lab). It is from now on one of the biggest hospital labs in Europe.

Even though the origin of the project goes back to the 1990’s, it is in 2008 that iris-Holding decides to create a network-wide clinical biology lab. The goal is to improve the efficiency, and thus the quality of analyses.

A massive volume of thorough work was accomplished then and resulted in the birth of iris-Lab in 2012. This multi-site is common to St Pierre and Brugmann Academic Hospitals, QFCUH Children’s Hospitals and iris-Faîtière. Iris-Lab has reached several objectives: 

  • improving the quality of tests in line with a cost cut of these tests;
  • setting up a talented team who manages the activity and attracts competent professionals who are sensitive to the academic missions and ambitions of a well sized lab;
  • organizing in an efficient and contemporary way and selecting performing and innovative equipment;
  • involving hospitals on a daily basis thanks to its hospital association structure, which is totally integrated into each institution’s operations.

In 2015, iris-Lab welcomes a new partner, Erasme Hospital, and becomes the LHUB-ULB …

LHUB-ULB goals can be summarized in three words : service excellence, financial accountability and respect:

The LHUB-ULB provides a high level service in the area of clinical biology and contributes to an optimal and secure healthcare offer. This level of quality must be reached within the limits of the financial means earmarked for the lab and take into account the profitability towards the clients, namely the medical and general directions of the partner hospitals,

The LHUB-ULB  highlights certain values, such as respect for every employee and for teamwork : every one of them has a specific role to play and deserves to blossom through his/her competences.

The laboratory currently had four activity centers, one of which is a central site located Porte de Hal. Its organizational strategy is to move towards a consolidated structure with a centralization of as many activities as possible on technical platforms located Porte de Hal, to keep sitelabs at least for emergency activities and site specificities, and to progress towards a common accreditation for the whole structure.

Some figures about the LHUB-ULB

Top 5 of the largest European labs

5 partners:  Erasme Hospital, Brugmann and Saint-Pierre Academic Hospitals, QFCUH Children’s Hospital and Bordet Institute

7 departments : chemistry, microbiology, immunology, hematology, genetics, molecular biology and blood bank

18 million tests

3600 m² for the main technical platform (Porte de Hal site)

Last generation devices, among which the largest automated bacteriology line in Belgium.


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