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The iris-Academy platform has been developed thanks to the e-learning experience gained from the HopiTAAL project (language courses). The priority is to provide an aid to training programs, whether ad hoc or recurring, for network staff members.

One can distinguish three training categories :

  • First, continuing education which is mandatory to be allowed to perform some hospital duties.
  • Then, training required topdown, whether as a result of a personal evaluation or in the interest of  the service and/or  towards a better quality of patient care.
  • And finally, training programs followed on a voluntary basis, by choice, in order for the staff member to improve his/her skills or to progress in his/her career.


Iris-Academy training programs match these categories and will be available to all staff members according to the internal training policy adopted by each network hospital. iris-Academy is thus a support tool of human resources management for our hospital institutions. This platforms will consolidate traditional training programs, which still exist, since the combination of physical and electronic training sessions provide the best results in terms of learning.

The elaboration of classes provided on that platform follows a well established procedure, based on the work of many experts within our hospitals. The course material is then adapted by our team from a pedagogically and graphically and tested in several pilot departements. It is then made available to all.

Finally, we have set up a Help desk for the platform users. It can be reached through the website and will react as quickly as possible to requests, proposals and suggestions.

As of 2018, iris-Academy is available to all iris network staff members. New training modules will gradually come out according to priorities defined by Human Resources and Nursing Departments Managers of iris hospitals. 


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