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All along your life, you will consult many different health professionals: GP, specialist, nurse, dentist, pharmacist,…. In this context, the iris network of Brussels university hospitals recommends that its patients agree to share their medical records with those who take charge of their health. Why?

By giving your consent, you accept that the people who take care of you share information concerning your health condition. These professionals can provide better care if they know your medical history, your hospital admissions, allergies, blood type, prescribed medication, test results, x-rays, etc. They can treat you faster and prevent unnecessary tests as well as complications resulting from a lack of information about your health. Data sharing is particularly helpful if you end up at the ER.…

You are free at any time to decide whether you want to share your health data or not, whether you want to keep some of them confidential and you can always withdraw your consent.

It goes without saying that data sharing takes place within the exclusive framework of continuity and quality of care and complies with privacy law. These are personal and secured data. Access is only authorized to people who treat you, only to information they need to provide accurate care and only for the duration of the treatment. Health professionals who would violate confidentiality and access rules would incur criminal penalties.


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