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A word from the President

My fight for healthcare started with my political commitment and is an issue particularly near and dear to my heart. I actually think it is imperative to guarantee the right to health, which is considered as one of the basic needs, by facilitating access to care for all, irrespective of the financial situation, origin or conviction of patients, and by enhancing the quality of such care in order to preserve the physical and psychological integrity of all individuals and to improve their quality of life substantially.

Public hospitals are the best means for waging this essential fight because they make it possible to resist the principle of commercialisation which unfortunately holds sway in the health sector and which inevitably leads to growing inequality, particularly in the Brussels Region and during a period of economic crisis.

That is why upon being elected Municipal Councillor in 1994, I wanted to represent the City in the Board of Directors of the Saint-Pierre University Hospital. A few years later, in 2001, I was elected Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, and together – politicians, members of the administration, medical corps, trade unions and others – we took up many challenges. The constructive contribution of all stakeholders helped improve the hospital’s financial situation considerably whilst focusing on performing its prime mission first and foremost: to provide medical care at the cutting edge of progress in as humane a manner as possible. This was an exalting experience for me and I am very happy and proud to have worked towards that goal.

My dynamism and my desire for improvement are inexhaustible and I have performed my duties as President of the iris network since 2009 with great enthusiasm.

Our network is booming and I intend to continue the work initiated by my predecessors and to put in practice the strategic plan we have charted together. Our role is obviously not limited to verifying compliance with the budget path. Our hospitals are first and foremost places where medical care is provided by competent and motivated doctors. That is why we have established, with them as well as with the General Managers, performance contracts in terms of medical activity and quality of reception and care.

In a general manner, I wish to strengthen the cooperation between our 5 iris hospitals. In this framework, I plan to continue the various ambitious projects in progress, with the participation and contribution of all. These include the redeployment of the healthcare offer, the construction of a common laboratory for the entire network, the construction of a new Bordet Institute branch near Erasmus, the implementation of a standardised medical file and nurse IT system to improve patient care even more, and cooperation both between iris institutions and with other health partners, etc.

I would also like to focus my efforts on a reform of human resources management in the network to develop further the recognition of efforts made, mobility between institutions, and the dynamism and flexibility of our teams in their daily work as well as in facing future challenges.

Iris has also adopted a joint purchasing strategy to get the best medical and paramedical equipment and supplies at the best prices through a structure created for that purpose, iris-Achats - one that has proven its worth and continues to serve the hospitals of the network.

As President, I will endeavour not only to meet the priorities set out above, but also to continue to develop, with the participation and support of all the stakeholders of the 5 iris hospitals, innovative projects that will turn our institutions into patient-friendly hospitals at the cutting edge of progress, offering high quality care to everyone.

Faouzia Hariche,
President, iris Network


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