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Saint-Pierre University Hospital

Site Internet : www.stpierre-bru.be

ay and social, the Saint-Pierre University Hospital caters to all patients, irrespective of their origin, philosophical or religious convictions, or their social situation. Thanks to a privileged partnership with the ULB (French-speaking Free University of Brussels) and the VUB (Dutch-speaking Free University of Brussels), the Saint-Pierre University Hospital contributes also to medical instruction and research in Belgium. It develops advanced services that enable us to shine on the national and international stage. The hospital’s activities are carried out on two sites.

POrte de Hal site

This hospital site plays host to the network’s most active emergency service:  the reanimation service, the emergency service and the Mobile Emergency Service (SMUR) account for some tens of thousands of interventions and treatments per year.  The hospital is multidisciplinary and features in particular a nationally recognised general and tropical infectious disease unit. These units are equipped to care for patients in strict isolation.

Porte de Halle Site - Rue Haute 322 - 1000 Bruxelles 

Telephone : 02 535 31 11

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César de Paepe site

This hospital site provides multi-disciplinary care and has a number of very important units.  The travel clinic (travel vaccination centre) has been established there and joined by the senology centre and the pilot centre for the prevention of breast cancer.

César de Paepe Site - Rue des Alexiens 11 - 1000 Bruxelles 

Téléphone : 02 506 71 11

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