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Awards 2017

In 2017, 8 research projects were selected by the Scientific Committee. The Committee is made up of doctors, half of whom are unrelated to iris, and chaired by Professor S. Meuris, honorary Dean of ULB Medical School. 

Projects selected for a total allotted amount of 210,000 euros :

  1. HALLIN Marie (LHUB-ULB) – 30.000€

(in collaboration with I. BORDET, CHU BRUGMANN, CHU St Pierre, HUDERF, ERASME)

Next-generation sequencing-based diagnostics for patients with encephalitis of unknown aetiology

Co-promotors :Maud DENY (ULB), Nicolas LEFEVRE (HUDERF), Alexandros PAPOTOS (HUDERF), Jacques JANI (CHU Brugmann), Serge ROZENBERG (ULB), Philippe SIMON (Erasme

  1. DESIR Julie (HIS) – 30.000€

(in collaboration with VUB, Erasme, ULB)

Improving diagnosis and management of patients with malformations of cortical development (mcd): from prenatal diagnosis to postnatal outcome.

Co-promotors : Marie CASSART (HIS), Anna JANSEN (UZ Brussel), Katrien STOUFFS (UZ Brussel), Giulia GAROFALO (ULB , Martina MARANGONI (Erasme)

  1. ROZENBERG Serge (CHU St Pierre) – 30.000€

(in collaboration with I. BORDET, HIS, CHU BRUGMANN)

Thermal Treatment of Vulvo-vaginal atrophy (VVA) using Novel low-energy dynamic quadripolar radiofrequency (DQRF)

Co-promotors : Aurélie JORIS (CHU St Pierre), Frédéric BUXANT (HIS), Marianne SIOZIOS (HIS), Catherine VAN PACHTERBEEK (CHU Brugmann), Danielle NOTERMAN (I. Bordet), Axelle PINTIAUX (ULB), Marianne PAESMANS (I. Bordet), Lieveke AMEYE (I. Bordet), Roland de WIND (I. Bordet)

  1. AEBY Alec (HUDERF) – 25.000€

(in collaboration with ULB Médecine & Psychiatrie)

For a better detection and understanding of motor learning deficits in children suffering from epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes (ECTS) 

Co-promotors : Dorine VAN DYCK (ULB), Karine PELC (ULB), Pr. Xavier DE TIEGE (ULB), Pr. Charline URBAIN (ULB), Nicolas DECONINCK (HUDERF)

  1. KADZ Emmanuelle (HIS) – 25.000€

(in collaboration with CHU BRUGMANN, CHU St PIERRE, CHIREC)

Evaluation d'un programme d'éducation anté-natal dédié aux "couples"primipares"et issu d'une approche pluridisciplinaire innovante

Co-promotors : LE PHU QUOC (HUDERF), Julie BELHOMME (CHU St Pierre), Patricia BARLOW (CHU St Pierre), Danielle THUR (CHU Brugmann), Joëlle RABINOWITCH (CHU Brugmann), Myriam BENELHACHMI (CHIREC), Tamara DEDECKER 5HIS), Christophe CAYPHAS (CHIREC)

  1. KORNREICH Charles (CHU Brugmann) – 25.000€

(in collaboration with CHU St PIERRE et l’HUDERF)

Treating alcohol dependence: testing a combined treatment model using transcranial direct curent stimulation (tDCS) and inhibitory control training (ICT)

Co-Promotors : Xavier NOËL (ULB), Salvatore CAMPANELLA (CHU Brugmann), Macha DUBUSON (ULB),  Jan SNACKEN (CHU St Pierre), Véronique DELVENNE (HUDERF)

  1. BLUMENTAL Sophie (HUDERF) – 25.000€

(in collaboration with CHU St Pierre)

Belgian National prospective survey on paediatric invasive GAS infections (iGAS). From clinical pictures to molecular risk factors

Co-Promotors : Pierre SMEESTERS (HUDERF), Philippe LEPAGE (HUDERF), Marc HAINAUT (CHU St Pierre)

  1. CHAMEKH Mustapha (HUDERF) – 20.000€

(in collaboration with CHU Brugmann, CHU St Pierre, Erasme)

Micro-RNAs expression profiling in male and female children suffering from respiratory diseases and pregnant women with chorioamnionitis: Relation with sexual dimorphism of the inflammatory response

Co-Promotors : Georges CASIMIR (HUDERF), Maud DENY (ULB), Nicolas LEFEVRE (HUDERF), Aleandros PAPOTOS (HUDERF), Jacques JANI (CHU Brugmann), Serge ROZERNBERG (ULB), Philippe SIMON (Erasme)





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