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Awards 2018

In 2018, 6 research projects were selected by the Scientific Committee. The Committee is made up of doctors, half of whom are unrelated to iris, and chaired by Professor S. Meuris, honorary Dean of ULB Medical School. 

Projects selected for a total allotted amount of 130,000 euros :

  1. DAUBY Nicolas (CHU Saint-Pierre) 

Group A Streptococcus infection in Brussels' adults and children: emm-type & emm-cluster distribution , link with clinical manifestations and implications for future vaccine strategy 

Co-promoteurs : Huderf, ULG 

  1. GILLES Christine  (CHU Saint-Pierre) 

HPV genotyping in biopsy specimens of HIV-positive patients diagnosed with high grade CIN or invasive cervical cancer 

Co-promoteurs : Bordet, HIS, CHU Brugmann


Development of a new diagnostic device allowing a personalized phage therapy. innovation and Business Development Unit 

Co-promoteurs : CHU Saint-Pierre, CHU Brugmann, Bordet, ERM 

  1. JANI Jacques (CHU Brugmann) 

Screening and Prevention of Preterm Preeclampsia using the Fetal Medicine Foundation algorithm in the IRIS network maternities

Co-promoteurs : CHU Saint-Pierre 

  1. POZDZIK Agniezska (CHU Brugmann) 

Tertiary lymphoid organs and circulating Tfh as biomarkers of immune activity in autoimmune-mediated nephropathies - a prospective, interventional pilot study 

Co-promoteurs : CHU Saint-Pierre 

  1. LECHIEN Jérôme (CHU Saint-Pierre) 

Development of clinical tools for the diagnosis of Laryngopharyngeal reflux disease 

Co-Promoteurs : CHU Brugmann 




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